Artwork Imaging

Visit Our Showroom

Just by visiting our showroom, you’ll know that Traverse Repro should be your destination for artwork imaging.  We have several big, bold, and beautiful examples of our artist recreations showcased on several different types of media for your to view, feel and handle.  There’s no better way to understand how your artwork will translate once printed.  Stop in and let us show you how we can help!

Artwork Scanning

So you have a pastel chalk based piece of original artwork that you’d like to have scanned for reproduction, but are concerned about keeping the original safe during the process?  The you need to come to Traverse Repro.  We’re proud to have Northern Michigan’s only 18”x24” flatbed, high-resolution color scanner to scan delicate artwork originals and prints that have been canvas-framed or mounted to foamboard.  We can take your valued or delicate original and provide you a CD or DVD with a color-corrected image so you can know that you’re treasured work is securely protected in any of the following digital formats:

  • PDF
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • EPS
  • PSD

Print Reproduction

Artists throughout Northern Michigan have been using our print reproduction services for years.  We feature a process that prints high-resolution, archival prints with impeccable detail and vibrant color.  If color correction is required to make the scan complete, no problem.  We’re trained to accurately colormatch any original artwork you bring in.  You’ll also have an array of media types to choose, such as:

  • Heavyweight matte bond
  • Canvas
  • Textured illustrator paper
  • Gloss-based media
  • Adhesive-backed vinyl
  • Vinyl banner material
  • Backlit film
  • Many more to choose from



Do you have an artist rendering or treasured photograph that has not aged well over time?  It’s hard to watch those memories recorded on non-archival paper fade away.  Bring those images and prints to Traverse Repro and let us recreate the original vibrancy that your framed memories once enjoyed.  Our trained staff will sit down with you and get a understanding of the type of resotration you’re looking for.  Then we’ll scan in your originals using our high-resolution flatbed scanners.  We have several pieces of software that will help us to boost faded content and restore color.  You’ll be amazed by the results.  In the end, you’ll have a fade-resistant, robust print that will stand the test of time.  Don’t wait.