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Your Document Management Solution

Traverse Repro is proud to be able to offer the industry’s premier solution to construction document management and distribution – DFS.  This project-based online solution allows us to provide a centralized hub for all of the data involved in your project, from plans & specs to RFI’s and submittals.  Through DFS, we can track the activity of every bidder on your project, as well as distribute important addenda and bulletins via email as you need them delivered.  Most of the larger commercial, school and government projects that have taken place in Northern Michigan have utilized our DFS.  If you’re unfamiliar with DFS, please ask one of our representatives to provide you more information.  You’ll be amazed.

Invitation to Bid

One of the many highlights of our DFS project management solution is the ability to send an Invitation to Bid notification to any contractor that has permission to access your project.  In addition to ITB, we can send notifications for addenda, bulletins, submittals or for any form of added content to the project data vault.  Through this process, we can tell you if and when each contractor acted on the notification, and what documents we accessed as the result of the notification.  During the bid phase of a project, that’s extremely valuable information.

Plan Version Control

DFS is unique in that it is the only construction document management solution that offers version control.  This means that as documents are uploaded to the project data vault, each file is tagged with a version issue (bid set, addendum 1, etc) and a revision date.  This creates a folder for each construction issue that is released for the project.  Through this process, DFS has the ability to create an updated plan document folder, allowing contractors the ability to know that by accessing this folder, they are viewing the most current version of each plan that exists on the project.

Digital Closeout

At the end of the project, DFS is the only project management solution that offers digital closeout of all the documents contained in the data vault for your construction project.  Imagine how powerful it would be to be able to hand a CD, DVD or hard drive to the owner of your project that contains every plan, spec, as-built, RFI and submittal that exists during the life of the project.  The closeout is delivered as a self-executable program that looks and feels like the online version of our document management solution, easily navigable by the user to find any document without problem.

Having Trouble Logging into the DFS Project Gateway?

To login to Traverse Repro’s Project Gateway, you’ll need your own username and password. This is important because it helps us keep track of who needs to receive addenda and other project notifications that arise during the construction bid cycle. If you have a username and password already, go ahead and login. If not, please contact Traverse Repro at 231-947-6284 and we’ll get you setup to access the site.