CAD Color Printing

Document Services

Scanning Thick Originals

Do you have color renderings that have been mounted to foamboard that you’re looking to have scanned?  Look no where else but Traverse Repro.  We can scan high-coverage color documents up to 40″ in width with thicknesses up to 1/2″ using our premium wide-format document scanner.  We also have an 18″x24″ high resolution flatbed scanner that allows us to scan originals up to 1″ thick.  We provide this service with a careful precautionary process intended to make sure that your valuable originals are safe through the imaging process.

Construction Bid Plan & Specification Printing

Our roots are as a blueprinter.  There aren’t many commercial construction projects in Northern Michigan that we didn’t have a hand in, though printing and document distribution.  Our attention to detail is what separates Traverse Repro from other reprographic companies.  We make it a standard practice to make sure that every set of construction documents perfectly meets the order set out in the sheet index, and that each set of documents stands as a reflection of the architect, engineer or contractor that designed them.  When you trust us with your business, it’s not something we take lightly.  Through the years, we’ve invested heavily in our software and hardware to stay ahead of the digital curve and continue to meet the requirement expected of us.  We produce sharp, crisp construction documents that are bound together with razor sharp edges.  Stop in to our shop sometime and see what a Traverse Repro set of documents looks like.  You’ll be impressed.


Fire, water, and natural disasters can wipe out a business that took years to build.  What would it take to recreate your valuable documents?  What would you do if you lost everything?  Talk to us about our digital archiving services.  We have consulted and implemented document archiving for many companies throughout Michigan.  Let us show you how to get those valuable documents into a safe, easy, digital form that will ensure those documents will always be available to you when you need them.  Once we’re done, you might even find yourself with more office space to work with.

CAD Color Printing

Not all construction bid documents are printed in black and white.  More and more designers are using color to highlight mechanical and electrical details, and Traverse Repro has the best solution in the region to output these documents.  We utilize our Oce’ ColorWave 600 to print bid set/CAD color and full color BIM related documents.  The PageWideXL8000 and Kip 800-series machines allow us to creat a cost structure much cheaper than the traditional ink jet print, making color bid set printing much more affordable than you’d think.

Vector Conversion

If you have an existing architectural drawing that you need to draw into CAD, you know that can take hours upon hours.  Hours that many staffs don’t have.  We offer a vectorization service.  In this service, we can take your plan or .pdf file, and have it converted to a fully functional AutoCAD .dwg file that includes layers, proper scale, text, linework, hatching and solid fills.  Once converted, these vector files can be brought up into the version of AutoCAD you’re currently using, ready for you to customize with your title block.