BIM Printing

CAD Color, Redline & BIM Printing

The New Color World

Times have changed and color has taken over how our construction information is delivered.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) and color CAD files are helping contractors easily obtain changed or critical data.  Color can improve efficiency, reduce mistakes, and improve profit margin.  Traverse Repro has made huge investments in color technologies in recent years.  We offer the region’s  most reliable, fastest and most cost-effective solution for red-line, color CAD and BIM color printing and scanning.

As-Builts & Red-Lines

Not all construction bid documents are printed in black and white.  More and more designers are using color to highlight mechanical and electrical details, and Traverse Repro has the best solution in the region to output these documents.  We utilize our Oce’ ColorWave 600 to print bid set/CAD color and full color BIM related documents.  The ColorWave 600 uses toner pearls to create a laser process that provides a cost structure much cheaper than the traditional ink jet print, making color bid set printing much more affordable than you’d think.

Tyvek Jobsite Sets

How many times have you seen it?  You walk into the jobsite trailer to look at the current issue of plans for the project to find a torn, ragged set of plans that can’t leave the trailer because of the condition of the sheets.  Here’s the solution…have Traverse Repro make a set of Tyvek prints for the jobsite trailer.  Tyvek is weatherproof, completely tear resistant, and can be bound together like a typical set of plans.  Red-lines & mark-ups are no problem.