01 Dec

Canvas Wraps Are a Great Christmas Gift!

High resolution artwork or photography printing!

If you’re looking for something cool to give your loved one for Christmas, how about a canvas wrap? We have high resolution artwork printers that allow us to print vibrant color artwork or photography reprints on canvas. We also stock many sizes of canvas frames, so we can stretch the canvas, and give you a wonderful wide format finished product. If you have an idea for a project, but don’t have the image, let us know. We have thousands and thousands of high resolution images available to us that we can use to help you create the perfect gift.


Other artwork related services we can provide:

• High resolution artwork scanning – We have northern Michigan’s only high resolution, wide-format flatbed scanner, and can scan your existing artwork or photograph to a high resolution image file for future printing.
• Color correction – Every reprint we do is fully color corrected before printing, to ensure your colors are vibrant, and match your expectations.
• Digital restoration – We are also able to digital restore old photographs or artwork, to help bring back faded color, or repair damage that may have occurred over the years. Bring in your originals, and we’ll give you am assessment of what we can do for you!

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