21 Apr

Start Planning Your Summer Golf Outing Now!

You're Going to Need Sponsorship Signage


Well, even though the snow is in abudance right now, summer will be here before you know it! And you know what that means – it’ll soon be golf tournament season!  If you’re the wonderful volunteer that raised his or her hand to chair the golf tournament committee, then you already know it’s a crazy process. The most important part is finding golf hole sponsors. And when you’ve found those sponsors, you’ve got to recognize them. Here are a few ideas of what you might want to do to recognize your wonderful sponsors.

Hole Sponsorship Tee Box Signs

Everyone that has participated in a sponsored golf outing has seen these. Typically done with uniform design, these signs identify the corporate sponsor that is providing funding support for the golf outing. At Traverse Repro, we typically offer these as a lightweight sign, done on 4MM coroplast, which is a ribbed, hollow plastic sign that is typically used for low impact signage needs. The ribbing allows for a sign stake to be driven through the sign to easily drive the finished sign into the tee box at a golf course. If you have a design in mind, great! If you need help with the design, at Traverse Repro, we’ve got the design staff to create what you’re looking for. The signs are weather proof, and can be easily stored until the following year. Want to re-use them in future years with changing sponsors? No worries, we’ve got ideas for that.


If you’ve got a good entryway where all the golfers are going to congregate as they arrive, a hanging banner would be a great idea. It could serve as a welcome banner, but also as way finding for golfers that are looking to check in. It’s also a great way to give some extra props to the primary sponsor that is underwriting the event. If you’d prefer to keep it generic, so that you’re guaranteed to be able to use it every year, in case the sponsor changes, you can do that. Typically, we print these on a nice waterproof scrim vinyl material, hemmed with grommets for easy hanging.

Custom Tablecloth at the Check-In Table

If you’re looking for a cool way to brand your event, while also providing some extra boost for the primary sponsor, you could add a custom tablecloth at the check-in table. There really isn’t a more visible piece of advertising at a golf event than the check-in table, as everyone has to go through it. Custom tablecloths (also called throws) can be as simple as a one-color design with just some text and a logo, or as interesting as a full color design that encompasses every inch of the design. Each table throw is done on a washable fabric that can be re-used over and over again. If you keep it generic enough, you could also use it at events outside of the golf tournament world, such a trade shows.  We’ve got sample throws at Traverse Repro, if you’d like how one looks.

Wind Resistant Banner Stands

Have you ever been to a golf outing where a primary sponsor brought an indoor trade show banner stand to the tournament with intentions of putting it up near the check in area? We’ve seen it time and time again. It’s like watching an accident in slow motion. You know the wind is going to take the banner, which acts like a sail, and dump the banner stand on the ground. Happens every time, and it becomes a full time job for the sponsor representative, until they decide to collapse it, and put it away. At Traverse Repro, we offer the WindMaster series of banner stands, that use a weighted base, and a heavy spring system to keep your graphics upright and working for you. The main frame of the banner stand allows the graphics to easily to clipped in, for easy interchangeability of the graphic. Let mother nature bring the high winds, she won’t blow this banner stand down!

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